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Port Stephens Substantial Rezoning Project

Situated within the picturesque landscape of the Port Stephens region, a popular tourist destination once known for its prime oyster farms and pristine water quality, Sankofa embarked on a unique Residential & Commercial development project in early 2019. This substantial undertaking aims to transform a large, previously undeveloped parcel of land within the township, ideally situated adjacent to existing residential dwellings, into a vibrant community.

The key objective of this project is to effect a significant change in land use. Our vision sees the current rural nature of the property transitioning into an expanse covering 100,000+ square meters dedicated to residential use (with a minimum lot size of 500 square meters).

In alignment with our rezoning aspirations, the project was concurrently presented to the Port Stephens Council for submission to the Department of Planning, Industry, and Environment (DPIE) for a Gateway Determination. Subsequent to the DPIE's insightful feedback, which encouraged a more strategic and refined planning outcome, the Council was urged to endorse a new local housing strategy, known as the Karuah Place Plan.

In this endeavour, Sankofa actively participated in the submission stage, leading to the adoption of the Karuah Place Plan in 2022. Our property has since been classified as a first-phase rezoning area for urban use. This classification prompted the submission of a subsequent Scoping Study in 2022, predicated upon the Karuah Place Plan, to initiate a formal planning proposal.

Feedback from various government bodies and agencies, including DPIE and Port Stephens Council, was received in the first quarter of 2023. This dialogue is ongoing, and in response, Sankofa is currently dedicated to the preparation of requisite assessments and studies to address the feedback received. Through this process, we are steadily progressing toward realising the ambitious vision we hold for the Port Stephens Rezoning Project.

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