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Eco-Tourism Projects

Project Name:

NSW Eco-Tourism


Across the entire NSW, Australia

Land Use:

Rural Use

Scale of Project/Size of Land:

Over 2,750 acres (equivalent to 1,124 hectares+ or 11,240,000+ square meters)

Set sail on a journey where the tranquillity of nature converges with robust returns through our Conservation and Eco-Tourism projects. Located strategically in Waukivory, Quorrobolong, and Upper MacDonald, these initiatives mark a significant pivot in our operations, meticulously crafted to provide a sustainable income source whilst offering the public a much-needed escape from the unyielding tempo of city life.

Situated near Gloucester, our Waukivory project is a haven for nature lovers. Surrounded by stunning landscapes, it's a dream destination for eco-tourists, promising a peaceful retreat from the bustling urban lifestyle.

The Quorrobolong venture, nestled in the Hunter Region and adjacent to the Hunter Lookout of the Watagans National Park, delivers an unparalleled fusion of adventure and tranquillity. Here, visitors can reconnect with nature, reenergise, and return to their daily routine, fully revitalised.

Our Upper MacDonald project, located in the Hawkesbury Region, attracts urbanites with its serene beauty. It's a sanctuary for relaxation and reconnection, where nature's soft whisper takes the place of the city's relentless din.

These projects echo Sankofa's dedication to a balanced investment strategy that goes beyond simple wealth generation. We take immense pride in offering a retreat for the public while reliably generating income for our portfolio. Our eco-tourism initiatives serve dual purposes: they are profit-oriented investments and, at the same time, significant contributions to sustainable tourism and conservation efforts.

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