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Yellow Rock Estate Biodiversity Stewardship Project

Project Name:

Yellow Rock Estate BSA


Lower Hunter

Land Use:


Scale of Project/Size of Land:

Approximately 1,038 acres (equivalent to 420 hectares or 4,200,000 square meters)

Delve into the forefront of sustainable investment with our novel initiative, the Biodiversity Stewardship Project. This innovative endeavour, initiated in 2021, epitomises our pledge to balance financial growth with ecological preservation, making way for the new-age strategic investment.

Sculpted in accordance with the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2017, our project champions the fusion of green practices with sharp financial insight. Born out of the strategic adjustment of Hunter Valley Estate Stage 2 DA Approval, our project utilises the existing natural environment, maximising its potential value.

As we navigate the meticulous assessment by the Credit Supply Task Force of the Department of Planning, Industry, and Environment (DPIE) NSW, our project exhibits exceptional promise as a fresh, commercially viable investment strategy. Our venture has already celebrated a milestone, securing a pioneering transaction of Biodiversity Credits exceeding $5 million. This success validates the remarkable potential of biodiversity credits as an investment asset.

Our project transcends traditional investment portfolios; it signifies the dawn of an investment era that harmonises profit and the planet. We have already seen this strategy's commercial viability, further solidifying sustainable investing as the future. Join us as we redefine investment paradigms, marrying profitability with ecological stewardship, and charting a path to a more sustainable future.

Welcome to the Biodiversity Stewardship.

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