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House and Land Package Project – Southwest Growth Centre (Austral)

Project Name:

Edmondson House and Land Package


Edmondson Avenue, Austral NSW 2179

Land use:

R2 (Low-Density Residential)

Scale of Project/Size of Land:

Anticipated 35-40+ lots of brand-new houses/land

Land size at approximately 20,500 square meters

In 2016, Sankofa ventured into urban subdivision development, securing a 20,500 square meter (approximate) House-and-Land site below the market rate. This acquisition signified the extension of Sankofa's portfolio, capturing the essence of urban development underscored by robust local demand and the anticipated progress from the continuous infrastructure enhancements in the region.

Sankofa’s acumen took centre stage in 2021, when a refined subdivision design was incorporated into the project. The innovative design was submitted to the consenting authority, showcasing our expertise in navigating complex urban development frameworks. Upon reaching this critical milestone, the project was sold to a developer, marking another successful venture in Sankofa's chronicle of achievements.

Key Features:

Perfectly positioned on a main artery that links directly to the train station, the development is nestled in the heart of Austral. The site is at a stone's throw from the largest planned local centre and other neighbourhood hubs.

Since 2016-2017, the advent of new residential developments has been steadily transforming the locality into a mature community. The completion of the Badgerys Creek Airport, along with comprehensive infrastructure rezoning in the Southwest Growth Centre, promises to stimulate local employment opportunities. These elements form a cornerstone for sustainable property price growth, augmented further by the airport's operation and the development of new industrial warehouses and businesses.

The Promise of Future Austral:

The long-term commitment to the second airport is poised to draw a surge of population and employment to the region. Adjacent to Leppington, the nucleus of the Southwest Growth Centre, Austral is set to accommodate 54,000 residents within 17,350 newly planned homes.

The master plan delineates a New Town Centre and three satellite centres. The educational requirements of this burgeoning community will be catered to by two planned high schools and five primary schools. The lush environment, with its 135.4 hectares of parkland, will offer residents an oasis of calm amidst the hustle and bustle of urban living.

Striving to strike the perfect work-life balance, the area will feature 220 hectares of light industrial land, generating local job opportunities. Additionally, the city is a mere 5-minute drive away via the M7, offering residents direct access to the urban canvas.

The completed Sankofa project serves as an epitome of our dedication to creating sustainable, liveable communities, and exemplifies our prowess in urban subdivision development and project management.


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