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Hunter Valley Estate Stage 1 Completion

Project Name:

Hunter Valley Estate


Lower Hunter

Land Use:

Rural Land

Scale of Project/Size of Land:

approximately 1,200 acres (equivalent to 486 hectares or 4,860,000 square meters)


The Stage 1 Development Application approved Hunter Valley Estate project which covers an area of approximately 1,200 acres (equivalent to 486 hectares), has been completed and successfully registered for new land parcels.

We deliberately divided the Hunter Valley project into two stages. Stage 1 of the project covers approx. 100 acres of land parcels alongside the public road, where abundant water resources situate in and generate terrific natural landscapes. These premium parcels in 100 acres size are market-oriented to a wide exposure of buyer population, whereas Stage 2 exploits the future potential of this project. That is, while we are retaining the historical vinery estate character of the massive property at a size of approximately 2,000 acres (or approximately 809 hectares) to secure its current value, we strengthen its ability to be transformed into a development land subdivision in the long run subject to the future market trend.

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