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Hunter Valley Estate Stage 1 Road Work commencement

Project Name:

Hunter Valley Estate


Lower Hunter

Land Use:

Rural Land

Scale of Project/Size of Land:

approximately 1,200 acres (equivalent to 486 hectares or 4,860,000 square meters)

In keeping with the conditions outlined by the Stage 1 Development Application consent, we've embarked on a key infrastructural addition to our Hunter Valley Estate project – the construction of a 20-meter wide (including road shoulder) asphalt private road. This construction project, an essential milestone in the development process, is being expertly handled by Moore Civil, a renowned local civil engineering company recognised for their skilled craftsmanship and adherence to the highest standards of workmanship.

The road construction serves a crucial role in improving connectivity within the estate, thereby enhancing the accessibility and ease of navigation for its future residents. As we race against time and work tirelessly towards the completion of this major infrastructure, we are confident that the project will be realised within the next 6 weeks. This step marks a significant stride towards unlocking the full potential of the Hunter Valley Estate, forging ahead with our commitment to create a harmonious rural residential community that will stand the test of time.

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