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Hunter Valley Estate Stage 2 DA Approved

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Project Name:

Hunter Valley Estate


Lower Hunter

Land Use:

Rural Land

Scale of Project/Size of Land:

Stage 1 & 2

Approximately 2,500 acres (equivalent to 1,012 hectares or 10,120,000 square meters)

In a pivotal moment that further solidified our vision for the Hunter Valley Estate project, we were granted approval for our Stage 2 Development Application (DA) in August 2018. This key approval expanded the project’s potential for land subdivision, amplifying the total scale of the Estate to encompass approximately 2,500 acres (approximately 1,012 hectares).

In a testament to our commitment towards environmental conservation and our aspiration to harmonise development with nature, we embarked on a series of modifications to our approved Stage 2 DA. These modifications were aimed at optimising the project's Environmental Conservation value, an endeavour that was successfully recognised and consented by the Singleton Shire Council in February 2023.

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