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Land Estate Development - Larbert

Project Name:

Larbert Land Estate


Mayfield Road, Braidwood (Larbert) NSW 2622

(between Sydney and Canberra, approximately 80 km from the capital city centre)

Land use:

Rural Land RU1

Scale of Project/Size of Land:

approximately 6056 acres (equivalent to 2,452 hectares or 24,520,000 square meters) Estimated construction period: 20 months

Project highlights:

- Largest parcel of land in the local area at favourable acquisition price.

- Exploit the superior natural resources of the farm, and increasing the market value of the property by conducting the following activities:

a. Comprehensive renovation and extension of Main dwellings and manager residence

b. Establishment of cattle yard and internal paddock fence

c. Construction of bitumen sealed road

d. improvement of the pasture quality of pasture 

e. Expansion of clear area From farm operation perspectives, as the largest property in the local area, there are 90 dams and small lakes and substantial cleared areas. Such cleared areas are covered by quality turf, if water conditions permit, the farm can breed more than 3,000 beef cattle or multiple flocks. The mentioned dams and lakes play a vital function in drought and ensure sufficient water supply for sustainable production activities. Further, the property has significant development potential. That is, it allows subdivision of 40+ lots of agricultural land (dwelling permissible) at 100-acres size. 

While water resource of the property is mainly sourced from a number of rivers which run through it, the rainfall of the region where it situated is largely greater than the Australian average. These factors further enhance the sustainability of its primary production value as a whole.

Water resource highlights:

Larbert is a traditional suburb with rich water resource and located at the east of Canberra, the capital of Australia. While Shoalhaven River runs through Larbert, it maintains a green outlook of pastures for most of the time of a year.

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