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Land Estate Development - Larbert

Project Name:

Larbert Land Estate


Mayfield Road, Braidwood (Larbert) NSW 2622

(between Sydney and Canberra, approximately 80 km from the capital city centre)

Land use:

Rural Land RU1

Scale of Project/Size of Land:

The Larbert Land Estate, a prestigious development located on Mayfield Road, Braidwood (Larbert) NSW 2622, signifies a landmark accomplishment in rural land development.

Straddling the line between Sydney and Canberra, and a mere 80km from the heart of the capital, this project exemplifies the perfect fusion of serene rural charm and accessible urban amenities.

This estate, boasting an expansive expanse of RU1 rural land, encompasses approximately 6056 acres, equivalent to 2,452 hectares or a staggering 24,520,000 square meters. The sheer scale of the Larbert Land Estate is a testament to the ambitious vision brought to life through comprehensive planning and meticulous execution, marking a significant milestone in rural land management.

In 2021, the Larbert Land Estate achieved a significant milestone with the successful completion of all planned improvement works, subsequently followed by the full sale of the Estate. This not only marked the triumph of the project but also epitomised the zenith of our tireless endeavours. This achievement resulted in a considerable return on investment, underscoring the fruitful and resilient investment strategy we steadfastly maintain.

Larbert Land Estate stands out as a premier project in our portfolio, particularly for its strategic acquisition at a favourable price. This parcel, the largest in the local area, affords a unique opportunity to leverage the farm's superior natural resources, thereby substantially enhancing the property's market value.

The project highlights a series of transformative enhancements:

a. An extensive renovation and extension of the main dwellings and manager's residence, redefining rural luxury.

b. The establishment of a cattle yard and internal paddock fence, optimising the property's agricultural productivity.

c. Construction of a bitumen-sealed road, boosting the accessibility and connectivity of the estate.

d. Improvements to the pasture quality, enhancing the estate's primary production value.

e. Expansion of the cleared area, unlocking more potential for agricultural and developmental use.

From an operational standpoint, Larbert Land Estate, being the largest property in the local area, is home to 90 dams and small lakes and substantial cleared areas, all of which are covered by quality turf. Given adequate water conditions, the farm has the potential to breed over 3,000 beef cattle or support multiple flocks. These bodies of water are instrumental in times of drought, ensuring a sustainable water supply for ongoing production activities.

Moreover, the property holds significant developmental potential with the capacity for subdivision into 40+ lots of agricultural land (with dwelling permissions) at 100-acres each.

Water resource highlights:

Situated in a region with a rainfall significantly higher than the Australian average, the estate's water resources are chiefly sourced from a number of rivers running through the property. This abundant rainfall further bolsters the sustainability and primary production value of the estate.

Located east of Australia's capital, Canberra, Larbert is a traditional suburb with an abundance of water resources. The Shoalhaven River runs through Larbert, providing a lush, green outlook of pastures for most of the year, further enhancing the appeal of the estate.

The Larbert Land Estate is not just a project but an opportunity, symbolising the harmony of superior natural resources and strategic development.

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